My Top Autism Tips

Having a diagnosis of autism in your family can be a bewildering process. I felt totally lost and wished that there was a guide to where to begin. So here's my guide to getting started:

  1. Give yourself some breathing space to digest what has happened. Whether you battled for ages to get a diagnosis or you never really believed there was a problem, it is still a SHOCK. Allow yourself some time to reel from it.
  2. Before you even begin to think about any treatments/ therapies/ cures, find out everything you can about what autism IS. This may seem obvious, but it is a very complex and variable condition and it can take several months to get to grips with what you're dealing with. Every child has their own needs and the more you know about the autism, the more you'll be able to address their specific situation.
  3. HOWEVER, if your situation is very difficult and you're having trouble coping, get help immediately. For instance if your child's behaviour is challenging and is becoming a danger to themself or to other family members, you must explain to the professionals exactly what is happening and demand help. If necessary, use videos/photographs/notes to illustrate what is going on. Don't hide away (like I did and hope it gets better on it's own!)
  4. Seek out parents of other autistic children- they are like gold-dust. They are the only people who will ever really understand how you feel.
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