How Autism Can Improve Your Life

How autism can be difficult is all too easy to see, but parenting autism has also brought some unexpected benefits.

  • Parenting autism really does turn you into a super-parent, as you have to cope with life at the hardcore end of child-rearing on a daily basis
  • This will be confirmed when you listen to /overhear other people's parenting woes- (organic vs non?/ why isn't little Johnny top of the class? etc) with a patient smile on your face, secretly thinking, 'They have NO IDEA!' 
  • Autism is a fascinating topic, I would never have had a reason to get to know so much about it if Lyla hadn't been autistic
  • You will develop a much better understanding and appreciation of difference and people living with disability. 
  • You will develop and extremely thick skin. This helps in all areas of life. If you can cope with a the humiliation of the deathstares when your -7year old child pulls their pants down in the supermarket and screaming that you're not their mother, what can't you do?!
  • It may well lead you down roads you never expected- I co-staged an art exhibition to raise awareness of autism recently, something I would never dreamed of doing before and started this blog
  • You will get very good at addressing people's prejudice and educating people about autism- and that's got to be a good thing for everyone.
  • You have the privilege of knowing an utterly unique, special person.
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