Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Poem For My Twin

By Mya, Aged 8

You are the smell of a rose
that tickles my senses every day
You are the energetic labrador
that loves to play.

You are the bouncy castle
that I love to watch every evening
You are the soul of Brighton waves
that I picture when I'm dreaming.

You are the twinkling stars
that brighten up the midnight sky
You are the beautiful flowers
that I cheerfully love to buy.

You are my sister
and this is a poem
all about you.


  1. What a beautiful poem, one to get printed and frames with that picture of them. Just lovely

  2. Beautiful poem and Mya's only 8? Impressive...well done Mya :-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. It's beautiful! *wince*
    Hope you guys are ok and enjoying a bit of summer? xx

  4. wow - that's amazing!. Looking forward to catching up :) xx

  5. Just beautiful! V moving. Thanks so much for sharing

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    Enjoy, and good luck!!


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