Thursday, 14 April 2011

On Streetdance & Stress Levels in Combat Soldiers

A fellow autism mum recently drew my attention to some research which has shown that mothers of autistic children demonstrate similar stress levels to soldiers in combat.  I'm sure there won't be many mothers of autistic kids who will be surprised by this. But it did cause me to pause to consider how different my life is from the norm.

On a happy note, we are just discovering one of Lyla's hidden talents. She's become obsessed with streetdance and won a dance-off at school. Her talents were also spotted by a professional at a party- Go Lyla! I, on the other hand am showing my age by asking questions like, 'what's a G6?' Answers please....

I also attended the inaugural Queensmill Lecture delivered by Professor Roy Grinker. Grinker is an anthropologist, autism parent and author of 'Isabel's World', a survey of how autism is viewed worldwide.

It was an inspiring evening- Grinker is very hot on de-stigmatising autism as he believes that this is the primary problem facing autism.

I think most parents would agree the treatment of disabled people as a whole needs to improve.

A recent incident which springs to mind is the unpleasant sexual jokes Frankie Boyle made about Katie Price's autistic son Harvey on his now-cancelled Channel 4 show. 'Jokes' about the benefits of killing disabled children have also appeared on BBC's QI recently. Nice.

Thanks for your always-interesting comments on my last post. I agree whole-heartedly that we need to accept our kids for who they are. But I'm always open to hearing about stuff that can help Lyla.

And I was excited by a game I was sent to review call SAS: Secret Agent Society. In brief, it's a computer spy game which teaches social skills, more to follow in a full post soon....

Hope you're enjoying the Easter sunshine!


  1. I thoroughly recommend "Isabel's World" (which I think is called "Unstrange Minds" in the US) I found it a bit heavy going at times but well worth persevering with.
    G6? No idea. I must be very old.

  2. Good to hear you recommend the book, I liked his emphasis on acceptance and moderate views....just looked up G6- I had to know! Apparently a type of private jet (which I should have known, obviously!);)

  3. G6? Absolutely no clue. I know that it's mentioned in a song though. Or isn't it?
    Go Lyla, indeed!! xx

  4. Yes, G6 is in a dance song, means a Gulfstream plane or somelike...!

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