Monday, 20 December 2010

You're Having A Really Bad Day And Then.....

..... a little person comes along, holding up their hand with a sticker on it, and everything is OK again:

Whilst I don't want my kids to be responsible for my moods, I'm glad that they're thoughtful enough to understand and respond when they can see I've had a bad day and need a bit of TLC- thankyou Mya!

.....and then Lyla delivered another of her autism speeches:

'So, mum, is my autism just to do with not ever being able to sleep and not understanding things?'....

'Yes, sort of...'

'Oh is that all? Well that's OK because I can scan things- I can see through them and tell you their secrets...'

I love that she thinks having autism gives her superpowers (and maybe it does, who knows?!!).....


Here's a link to some useful info on preparing kids with autism for Xmas. Wishing you all a lovely time with your wonderful kids!


  1. hi you,

    just been thinking about you and how the xmas period is going. Thanks for the link to preparing asd for xmas!

    Hope you are having a better day!

    Merry Christmas.


  2. I love to think BB's got superpowers!!

  3. Hello stranger, lovely to see you. hehehe at her superpowers, but I think she has a great point :) Happy Christmas. Jen

  4. My dude has a really cool superpower...he can sniff out chocolate at a hundred paces! Our autie kids are the best XXX

  5. It really lifts you when your kids do something like that or you get a spontaneous hug. Happy Christmas, hope the super scanning powers don't spoil the secrets in the presents!

  6. My Nipper is superhero mad so he'd think your daughter the coolest person on the planet! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!


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