Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Not Blogging, But.....

Some of you may have noticed that this blog is being updated at a more, shall I say, leisurely pace than usual.

I've been finding it hard to keep on top of the blog as well as grapple with existential questions, such as is it possible to be the parent of an autistic child and still be a functioning human being? (Answers on a postcard please....) As well as the more mundane things like coping with Lyla's two operations this month- one for her teeth and one to repair a broken elbow. Both grim.

Oh, and I turned 40 this month as well which means I can no longer pretend to myself that I am young. Facts are fact. Yup, I'm on a one-way train towards senility, arthritis and doom...

Anyway, to keep my spirits up I've been surfing random funnies on the internet. This one which I saw on Everyday Stranger's blog made me laugh. Happy viewing......


  1. Sorry to hear about the operations, I hope she is recovering well. Hey, Missus, life is supposed to begin at 40. Don't shatter my bubble please, I have that particular birthday coming up in January :D Jen

  2. Do you really want to know the answer to that question?! ;-D Hope the operations go well, never easy, especially with an autistic child.

  3. Cheers to 40!! There is no turning back now :)
    Enjoy life. The rest will take care of itself.

  4. Happy belated 40th! I've been reduced to hoping that my 50's are better. Good luck with the operations. That video is hilarious..."I don't know how you do it"...ugh. If I had a nickel for every time...

  5. Your posts are worth the wait. That video - lol!
    40s were good, but 50s are the best yet.

  6. Hey, I turned 40 in October and lived to tell the tale! Hope Lyla is recovering OK. XXX

  7. Happy belated birthday! It's so good to see you back 'not blogging' but blogging. I've missed your posts.

    Hope the operations go smoothly, never easy no matter what the procedure.

    Take care and I hope you find a natural peace with all that you to deal with.


  8. hello, leisurely pace I'm sure is needed with all that goes on!

    I'lll have to watch the vid. I feel I am coming up of a super tough period, constantly have to work on my 'thoughts' to manage what goes on around me.

    Lyla seems to be bearing up from what I can see, and I hope you are too. Hey, let's hope there's more to look forward to then senility and athritis!!!!



  9. 40 is the new black. Congratulations, I hope your day was lovely.

    And since sitting across the table from you a few months back, I'll keep checking back in, if you'll keep leisurely updating.

  10. Hello lovely
    sounds grim. Are you in Tooting over Christmas? I am just about to join you in the 40 stakes (eek!). Be lovely to have a coffee. xx


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