Saturday, 30 October 2010

Random Autistic Words

Lyla come out with lots of random words and phrases, some bizarre, some uncannily revealing.

Here are some from the last day or two:
  • Autistic children x-ray you when they blink
  • Mummy likes dancing to the F-word
  • All the Gangsters shop in JD (sports) don't they?
  • Autism kids need a bit of TV to keep them going
  • Autism kids have x-ray eyes and can see into space- did you know that mum?
  • Mum- plasticene is something to squeeze
She also makes up words- today's new words are: 'Sandermation'- means 'a stupid man shot himself while his gun was loaded but the Americans shot him a year before', 'Protts' meaning a 'special plasticene for stress'

It reminds me of when my grandad had Alzheimers- a lot of what he said didn't make any sense, but the odd phrase made me see into his world with complete clarity.

Lyla often talks in a bizarre way and on the surface it makes little sense, but strung together, these snippets give me a lot of help in seeing how her mind works.

On a related topic, we're taking part in a photography project about how autistic children see the world. We've been asked to take part by the producers of a film about autism as part of their research into how autistic people view the world.

Having already co-authored the Living With Autism art project earlier this year, it will be interesting to see if we can spot any autistic specialities in the photos taken by Mya and Lyla.

Apparently, some of the other autistic children in the project have produced photos of linear objects and buildings which are remarkably similar.

So far, Lyla, who is studying The Romans at school is obsessing over mosaics and is spotting them literally everywhere, so we are building up a bit of a picture library of tiny tiles. Watch this space for more info.


Apologies for the lack of posting, I think I've alluded to this before, but I've been suffering from stress quite badly these last few months. Hopefully things'll pick up soon.

Finally, if you liked my last post about kids behaving badly, check out this hilarious one from US autism blogger Lynn Beware: Child With Autism at Large, a side-splittingly funny take on how to deal with gawpers.


    1. Ha ha, I dance to the F-word too! Lyla certainly has a way with words, and maybe some interesting insights too. Never apologise for not posting - look after yourself first!

    2. A brilliant idea. Lyla's view of the world is lovely. My boy also comes up with genius observations but, obviously, I can't remember any just now. A way of recording them is a great idea.
      I often think Aspies have a much better way of looking at things.

    3. @bbsmum great point, i always feel so guilty when i don't post enough- stupid innit?!!

      @ellen I thought it'd be a good idea to put them down here as I'll NEVER remember them otherwise, I also wondered what things other kids said- I love hearing about them!

    4. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm sorry to hear that you're stressed...bbsmum is right...take care of yourself first!

      Lyla is awesome. I like to dance to the F-word...usually as I'm screaming it.

    5. what a strange parallel universe goes on! Very interesting indeed. When I worked in the nursing home with dementia clients and did some training in this area, I too was struck by some of the smimilarities with ASD - would love to truly understand much of what is going on in 'their' world . . .

      Good luck with the photography project:)


    6. Alfie who has Aspergers often makes up words! His most recent was stinkchy which is the texture of manky piece of mince! You know the bouncy bits! He also goes off on a tangent at times and has a completely original view of the world we live in! I think he's a synasthete like me too.

      clairey xx

    7. My Nipper would definitely agrre with Lyla on the TV front. In fact getting Nipper interested in a TV program keeps me going too!
      Interesting about the photography - Nipper is only 4 but wants Santa to bring him a camera for Christmas. It'll be interesting to see what he takes photo's of.
      And re posting. You have to put yourself first so never worry about not blogging.I had a deliberate few days of laptop shutdown as things were starting to get on top of me a bit and I felt that a few days away from the computer would be a good idea.

    8. Kids with autism can see more than we imagine. My son sometimes amazes with his words.

    9. That's an interesting view of the world. And I love dancing to the F-word too. (I love Cee lo Green).


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