Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Living with Autism Art Exhibition- Now On!

We held our private view on Sunday- it went really well, and here's what I wrote afterwards:

Sipping rosy wine we interrupt
hushed tapping of library computers
with murmured laughter, clinking glasses.
A year’s work culminates here.

Spotlit by dust flurries
streaming from skylights overhead
‘Autism’ and ‘Aspergers’ animate the airy walls
liberated by the act of speech.

Our small colourful canvases embellish
Snippets of conversation:
joky fragments- ‘meet my mad sister’
inspiring stories connect.

A millionaire's special school
in memory of her dead grandson.
A pale-eyed budding girl chants
Revolting Rhymes with absolute precision.

A young artist beams as children flutter by
dropping crisp crumbs on the carpet.
Later, passing through restless shops
I allow myself to daydream.

Exhibition continues at Putney Library until 19 June 2010.


  1. Congratulations! What a spectacular event, and so beautifully conveyed.

  2. A wonderful poem for a wonderful event - well done to you and Amelia, we are v proud of you.

  3. What a wonderful idea. I will tell my pal in London. Lovely poem.


  4. Rachel - this is so beautiful, you are so talented with written word like this. Do more!

    Gentle and expressive!!!

    It was a wonderful afternoon :)

    Please spread the word and tweet about the fact that gift grants is back open and I am doing an arty give-away on my blog! Thank you for the support :)


  5. Thanks again for reading and all your supportive comments- as always much appreciated :)


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