Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Strange & Beautiful Reaches Final in MAD Most Inspiring Blog Award 2010!

My offers of free virtual champagne seem to have paid off. It looks like I'll soon be putting in an order for several jeroboams of champagne. You lovely people have been voting for this blog and miraculously we are in the top five out of one-hundred and seventy eight nominees! So, it's official, Strange & Beautiful is in the final of The MADS.

Voting is now open for the second stage of the MADs at www.the-mads.com, and over the next month bloggers and blog readers will be able to vote for their favourite blogs.

The MADs are all about celebrating parent bloggers and raising awareness of the range of blogs being created in Britain today. The awards are very generously being sponsored by Butlins and my category by Plum Baby.

I'd encourage you to check out blogs in all the categories as there are some real gems to discover.

Here's what the MADs site says about this blog:

Strange and Beautiful is the deeply inspiring story of Rachel who is Mum to twins, one of whom was diagnosed with autism in 2008 at the age of five. Things which normal families take for granted are often very difficult for the family, but the blog reminds us that five-year-old Lyla is still a charming, engaging little girl who brings the family lots of smiles.

So, if you like this blog, please vote now by clicking on the MADS link on the right hand side of this page - there'll be virtual champagne all round!


PS Hello to new followers! I'm in the process of coming round to say Hi to you on your blogs, lovely to meet you :)

Painting by Lyla.


  1. Well done, next round of the campaign begins, good luck :) Jen.

  2. Hi Rachel

    My wife DeAnne L Parks (a part of your artist's group) forwarded me your blog. Congratulations! But I feel more folks in the Autism Community can benefit from your inspiration(s)! As such, I'd like to invite you to be interviewed for Autism Hangout (dotcom).

    Please write me when you have a moment. cevans@autismhangout.com

  3. Hi Rachel, I remember you and the twins fondly from 'She She's' place and came across your wonderful blog via one of the other finalists. Congratulations on your blog success! My son, Henry, was also diagnosed with ASD in 2008 and so we have been on our own special journey over the last few years. If you get a moment, pls email me pamela@aphevents.co.uk.

  4. Hey that's great news Rachel! Your blog and your voice, are I imagine, important resources and a strength for parents of children with ASD. I am not one of those parents but I often work with parents and young people who are being failed by "the system" in so many ways. I will continue to look in and cheer you on and if there is anything i can do to support or get involved I will.
    Go Rachel.
    Jan x


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