Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How to Grow A Tummy Bug

Yes, we've succumbed again!

After a year relatively free of the horrors of the tummy bug, me, Lyla and Mya have been busily decorating the house with vomit again.

It's a times like these when all it takes is something small to lift the situation.

And today, we had Lyla's Tales of the Tummy Bug.

Being autistic, Lyla can't understand that a bug is a euphemism for a virus or germs.

She literally believes that a bug has set up home in her tummy and now that thought is planted there, no amount of reasoning can remove it.

So, as she's feeling a little better today, she thinks the bug is 'shrinking'.

Later she came and showed me a little green bruise on her hip and asked me what I thought it was - when I said 'a little green bruise' - she looked at me with total disdain, 'No mummy it's where the bug is sitting to lay it's eggs'.

Obviously- how could I have been so dense! often baffles me when lack of imagination is (wrongly) cited as a sign of autism. It's certainly not in short supply here.

Her vivid fantasy universe seems to run parallel to our literal one.

I often wonder if she will grow out of it and 'get' reality.

But part of me hopes she doesn't and stays as lovely and magical as she is.

Picture by Lyla.

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  1. Oh, hope you all get better soon Rachel. We wait for our annual visit from Mr Norovirus (normally in March so they vomit on hubby for his birthday which happened 3 years in a row!). x


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