Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Strange & Beautiful Nominated for Blogger of the Year in the MADS 2010!

Well, knock me down with a feather, some very kind readers of this blog have nominated me in the Mum and Dad Blogger of the Year Awards. Not only that, but you've also nominated me for most Inspirational Blogger of the Year too.

Whoever you are, please make yourselves known to me, so I can buy you a virtual glass of fizz!

And I'd like to extend this bribe, I mean offer, to any of my other lovely readers who care to vote for me!.....it'll be virtual fizz all round if I win anything...

I haven't been writing this blog long and I know autism is quite a niche subject and not everyone's cup of tea, so thankyou, I really appreciate all you readers who support the blog.

If you would like to vote for me, the procedure is very simple. Click on the MADS link in the sidebar, then click on Nominate Now on the MADS site. All they ask for is your name and an email address and the url address of this blog (which is www.strange-beau.blogspot.com )

And if you're feeling extra-generous, you could put me down for the most Inspirational Blog category too!

Thankyou :)


  1. well done you! I look forward to sitting down and chatting about where we can go next with projects. I love the idea of a little film!


  2. Yes, very well done - and good luck!


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