Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

Thankyou very much to Superlittlemen of I Love My Mad Life blog for giving me this award :-)

When I first started blogging (all the way back in October 2009!!!), I was really keen to find autism & other blogging sites that I could relate to.

So, here's an opportunity for me to list some of the blogs that I've found inspiring so far.

Right so the rules of the award are as follows:

* Put the Logo on your sidebar, or within a post.
* Pass the award onto 12 Bloggers. (yes really 12)
* Link the nominees within your post.
* Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award

My first blog is 101birdtales, because Amelia who writes it was the person who encouraged me to blog in the first place. Thanks for giving me the push. She's a good friend and her blog is really inspirational- go have look!

These are all lovely and interesting people:

Crystal Jigsaw for her warm-hearted writing about her life and her autistic daughter

A Boy with Aspergers for being so informative and to great, pro-active Claire who writes it!

Mother of Shrek- Casdok's writing is brilliant and she has an extensive list of interesting links

Oliver's Journey about a family's journey with autism, Ali also set up the excellent Autism UK page on Faceboook

Off We Go blog, packed with lots of interesting autism snippets

Autist's Corner for some thought-provoking posts on the issues around autism, from an autistic woman's point of view

Whitterer on Autism, tales from her life with four children, two with autism, two without

I Love My Mad Life, a brand new autism blog

Two autism blogs which inspired me when I started, who are worth a watch as I'll hope they'll post again soon are:

Rebel Mother

Beautiful Spectrum

Finally, More than Just a Mother -just discovered her blog, which she subtitles Extreme Parenting...she's got an interesting story to tell about her babies, one I can relate too as a fellow twins-mum

So, go visit these blogs & let's share the love!!!! ;-)


  1. Aw - dear Rachel, I got a heart swelling moment there :). Just want to say that I am soooooo glad you started your blog. I remember that day at the special needs event when you spoke about doing it and I thought I need to do it too, but I couldn't possibly do it without you doing it. And that day we set it up at mine - he ha, something fun amongst all the rough times. And it has gone on to be such fun and led to so many connections, I love it, so THANK YOU too!

    I know so much more will come out of this and apart from the amazing connections, it's therapeutic too, isn't it?!



    PS, think I will sort out somewhere to put the blog awards as I have a few now ;)

  2. Well done:) I am looking forward to reading the blogs you mentioned, it is always good to get recommendations. Hope your leg is improving:) Jen.

  3. Hi, you too have already helped me regarding some of my little man's strange behaviour, however our official diagnosis is only 'aspergers traits' main problem being ADHD. We are now trying a trial of medication (with reservations I may add), but on the low dose even after only a week we decided maybe it was actually a good thing. Having said this we were also told to double his dose after a week to get a comparison. We are seeing a marked difference but for us maybe too much, there are times we feel he is subdued and interestingly these traits of aspergers suddenly seem alot more apparent, first time ever we've had rocking while covering our ears, thumping our head continually when upset and some more. They said there was a slim chance the ADHD was masking the aspergers, but felt it was more the ADHD presenting as autistic traits. Time will tell, it's a minefield! Hope you enjoy your award! x


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