Saturday, 16 January 2010

With The Light Pt.1

How surprised was I to find a Manga-book about autism at the bottom of the bargain bucket at the Border's closing-down sale?

Keiko Tobe's book In the Light is fictionalised account of her struggle raising an autistic child. Sachiko gradually realises that her son Hikaru seems a bit different from other children. He is eventually diagnosed with autism. The book is translated from the Japanese and retains its graphic, cartoon format, which makes it quite a visual treat. I can imagine my daughter's being interested in reading it too when they're older. When I've finished it, I'll post a full review- it's worth looking up!


  1. It sounds very interesting; I love literature on autism, makes people realise how special these people really are.

    CJ xx

  2. It does look interesting, will look forward to your review. Jen

  3. for some reason, this brings a tear to my eye. Maybe it's the bit about 'the struggle' in raising on autistic child. I would love to get hold of this, and look forward to the review too.


  4. Its nice to see a book about autism that is a bit different.

  5. Just came back to say thank you for commenting on Liz's blog re my guest post.

    I'll be blogging about this subject but not quite so much an article like that was!! I felt really honoured that Liz asked me to write for her blog - raising awareness has always been paramount to me and it irritates me when parents feel threatened by the MMR jab. Makes our autistic kids look like they have no hope in the world, and that angers me no end.

    Thanks again, Kathryn (CJ) xx

  6. Hi ;)

    I found your blog through British Mummy Bloggers, and have enjoyed reading it. This post in particular jumped out at me, as I posted on the exact same subject 5 days before you! You can read it here if you're interested:

    I've worked for the past 5 years as an ABA tutor for a (now) 10 year old autistic boy, and I've learnt so much.

    Beth xxxx


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