Monday, 16 November 2009

The Mystery of the Missing Diet Cokes......

There's been a discussion going in our house for the last few weeks. It goes something like this: my husband asks where I've put all his Diet Cokes and I respond, er, maybe they're in your tummy darling (or something less polite if this is the third time i've been asked in a day, but you get the picture).

Anyway, the mystery of the Diet Cokes is no more.

Yesterday, in a fit of pre-Christmas house-proudery, I cleaned under the sofa, and lo, what did I find but about 30 of the empties. It seems that Lyla has been cunningly stealing the cokes and hiding the evidence while we're not looking.... At a rough tally then, she's consumed nearly 30 cans of the stuff over the last few days. Quick, call the Diet Police!!

Why? Well, this is a common feature of autism, especially those who suffer from Sensory Processing Issues. Lyla's senses confuse and distract her and when this happens she starts sensory-seeking behaviour. In terms of her mouth, she cannot interpret the signals so she needs to constantly chew to stop herself from being distracted. It's not unusual for her to consume large quantities of food in a day and I'm constantly discovering little stashes that she's hidden around the house for herself. She needs crunchy strong foods, to give her the correct feedback that she needs. She can often be found sitting down with a huge bowl of peas, straight out of the freezer or tucking into a box of Bran Flakes or crunchy apples. She can easily get through 20 pieces of fruit in a session. Apart from being expensive it doesn't seem to be harming her particularly as she is very skinny. She's hyperactive, so she burns off the extra calories.

I expect she enjoyed the fizz of the Diet Cokes. But obviously caffeine isn't great for kids, so we've hidden them away now.......I wonder what she'll get up to next.....

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  1. Wow - she must have been bouncing on the trampoline (or somewhere) like nobodies business with all that caffeine!!!!

    Like your writing, and it's all very interesting! I have the opposite with oversensitivy going on in our quarter and not enough food consumption. ASD eh? Always learning.



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